Over the years, we as fans of professional wrestling or whey crude protein entertainment have seen some bitter rivalries and personal fights between various WWE superstars and legends inside and outside the ring, so it’s hard to believe that some of them are superstars Really close friends in real life. These superstars have a lot of respect among themselves.

They are allies after all and since they share their daily-life schedule, it eventually leads to a bond and, in some cases, a stronger friendship. WWE is a large wrestling family and it is clear that so many relationships are formed when training and working together every day. Of course, these alliances develop based on different conditions.

Best Friends in Real Life WWE Super Stars

5. Trish Stratus and Lita

Trish Stratus and Lita took the WWE division into a storm during the days of Attitude Era and subsequent wrestling. Never before had WWE fans seen a heavy rivalry between two female superstars who were actually good with their jobs in the ring. Trish slowly rose to the top and claimed the WWE Women’s Championship, but Lita always provided a threat to her title reign and on some occasions won the title for herself.

4. The Undertaker and Kane

Kane and The Undertaker are very good friends in real life. He first met at Smokey Mountain Wrestling in 1995 when ‘Taker defeated Kane, billed as’ Unbomb’. Fast forward today and the two are still friends. Kane stood in the corner of the Finnome at the WWE Super-Show Down and reunited as The Brothers of Destruction to take on DX at the WWE Crown Jewel.

3. Edge and Christain

As you already know, I don’t need to say much about these two. Former World Heavyweight Champions Age and Christian are childhood friends. The two worked together on the independent circuit in the 90s and continued their work until WWE, where they formed an alliance called ‘The Brood’, and were billed as their on-screen brothers. He won the WWE Tag Team titles seven times.

2. John Cena and Randy Orton

This can be really hard for you to believe, but it is actually a surprising fact. John Cena and Randy Orton, who are nothing short of enemies in WWE, are actually very good friends in real life. They are probably the two biggest names of this generation and have shared a bitter on-screen feud, even gone to the extent where Orton attacked Cena’s father John Cena Sr. during a match at ringside . They have main-event Wrestle Mania, Royal won Rumble, Money in the Bank contract, WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. They both refer to themselves as the faces of WWE, and this is something that no one can deny.

1. Shawn Michaels and Triple H

Sean Michaels and Triple H’s journey began in the days of Attitude Era. Together with Chyna, he formed a faction called D-Generation X, which turned out to be one of the most controversial but beloved factions of all time. As time passed, their on-screen friendship surpassed real-life friendships as they became an unmarried best friend. In an interview, Triple H’s wife Stephanie McMahon claimed that, at first, he thought Helmsley and Michaels were gay because they were so close to each other all the time. Even after the DX faction left many of its members such as Chyna, X-Pack, Road Dog and Billy Gun in the company, Michaels and Triple H remained in the WWE and on several occasions reunited with DX on TV. Continued their friendship angle.

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