About 1.3 million people in the country are reported to have broken into bank accounts. According to the report, credit and debit card information of 1.3 million people has been leaked. The information of bank accounts of all these people has reached the hackers. In such a situation, money can disappear from anyone’s account at any time.

The report also said that hackers are selling information about credit and debit cards of Indian people online. At the same time, the Reserve Bank of India has ordered all banks to investigate the matter. So the big question now is that if your bank account information is leaked, what is the way to avoid it? Let’s know

What information went to hackers?

According to the report, this is the biggest hacking of this year. In this, the data of Track-2 has been stolen which is in the magnetic strip behind the credit or debit card. It contains complete information about the card holder. According to Data Analysis Group IB, 1.3 million bank card information is being sold on the hackers website Joker Stash.

98 percent of these information is from the cards of the Indian people. The great thing is that 18% of these data are from a single bank, although the name of the bank has not been revealed yet. A card is being sold on the website for about Rs 700. In the initial investigation, it is being said that apart from hacking, data has been stolen from card swapping machine and POS skimmer.

What is the way to avoid such a huge hacking?

Such a large hacking may involve bank information from you and any of us. In such a situation, the first task for you is to delete any payment wallet or shopping website on which your card is saved. Apart from this, change the PIN of your card immediately. Do not click on any link that came in the form of message or email.

If you use your bank app, log out and login only after resetting the password. Do not pay on any website that does not have https in its URL. Also, do not buy anything from an unknown website in the offer. Keep limited money in the bank account of the card you transact with.

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