Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa vs Apple Siri: San Francisco research firm Loop Venture recently released a report in which Google Assistant understands every user’s question better. With this, he gives the correct answer up to 93%.

Google Assistant vs Apple Siri vs Amazon Alexa: know who is the best and why

Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa vs Apple Siri: New innovative gadgets continue to be seen in the technology world. In such a situation it is easy to have competition among the companies. Every company is in the race to make its place in the market and prove itself better than other companies.

Google Assistant turns out to be Apple Siri

The battle between the companies’ smart digital assistants is at its peak. According to a new report, Google Assistant (Google Assistant) has once again defeated Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri in the matter of answering the questions correctly by the smartphone.

Actually, 800 questions were asked to Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri during the test. According to a report by Loop Ventures, Google Assistant gave 92.9% correct answers, while Alexa gave 80% and Siri 83% correct answers.

Google Assistant understood and answered all 800 questions, while Alexa failed to understand 1 question. Siri on the other hand has failed to understand 2 questions.

Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa vs Siri Test

Let me tell you that in this test Apple Siri was used on ios version 12.4. At the same time, Google Assistant was tested on Google’s Pixel XL smartphone Android 9 Pie and Amazon Alexa on iOS operating system.

Google Assistant has outperformed in 4 out of 5 categories. Siri has once again won the command category. Siri proved more useful in the case of phone-connected functions such as calling, messaging, email, calendar and music. On the other hand, Amazon fell behind by quite a big difference in this category from Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Alexa is also used in third party apps. It can call other Alexa devices as well as voice messages. But it cannot do services like texting, email and phone calls.

According to the report, Alexa is good for commerce questions, while Google Assistant can be asked about features like product and service, for example, any goods can be purchased from where.

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