Recently you may have seen the science of Google lenses on TV, in which foreign words are translated with the help of a camera or an unknown object or place can be identified. But what to do when the need is on the computer. To avoid this problem, you can use the ‘reverse image search’ feature. With the help of this feature, you can also avoid copyright infringement. Let’s know about it.

Google dropped these apps last year when it launched Google Lens, an improved version of this technology. But this app was used only by users who had expensive Pixel phones.

But not now!

Google has started making its Lens app officially available on Android phones that have Google Photos installed on their phones.

This means that now through this app you will be able to scan things, get information like dog breed or flower type.

Google says batches of lenses are running out, so you may not get the update right away – sorry!

Reverse image search is an important service of Google and can only be used on the Chrome browser. For this, first type Google Image Search in the browser, then click on the camera option that appears on the right side in the search bar. After doing this, a new box will open at the bottom of the search bar box, in which you can paste the URL link of the photo.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is an app by Google, which scans photos taken with your phone’s camera, showing you all the information about it.

It is basically a type of real-time reverse image-lookup, or you can even say that it is an augmented augmented-reality (AR).

With the help of this app, you can learn more about them by scanning pictures ranging from flowers, vegetables to buildings.

So now you want to know more about the matter, take a photo of it and scan it with this Lens app. Bus! Information will be in front of you.

How to use Google lens?
If you are an Android user and your phone has Google Photo app, then you can use Google lens.

Of course, because the Google Photos app can’t actually snap photos on its own, first you need to take the object with your phone’s camera that you want to know more about.

After this Google’s photo app

Open Open this photo in the Google Photos app.

Tap on the Lens icon below.

Depending on how the app recognizes this object, it will provide you with a card that contains relevant information and, if applicable, there may be some links from which you can take additional information.

Google Lens can now also help you identify flowers, objects of nature and the food served in your plate. If you are traveling, you can scan pictures of historical buildings and get more information about them.

You can also do reverse image search n mobile. Using Google’s reverse image search feature is a bit tricky on the mobile version of Chrome, instead, you can use the Google Lens app. If you do not want to use the Google Lens app, open the Chrome browser on the phone. Next, click the option with three dots on the top right. After doing this, a new window will open, in which click on the desktop site. After this, search Google image in the browser, after that click on the camera icon in the search bar and check the truth of your photo yourself.

Not only that, but you can take a picture of the artwork as well as learn about its painter and even see restaurant reviews.

Okay, Google a lamp of Aladdin on your Android device! Will do everything for you!

5 great things you can do with Google Lens

1) Scan the business card for your address book:

If you have a business card, you do not need to install a separate app to save it in your address book.

If you use Google Lens to scan business cards, it recognizes contract email addresses, phone numbers, and job titles and converts them to text.
Now, by tapping on the Add Contact button below, you can directly save this address in your address book.

2) Inference from the book cover:

If you are fond of reading books, then you must be buying many books online or from a shop.

So if you want instant information about a book, then scan with Google lens.

Google Lens displays this information: summary, review (when available) and a quick link to a full Google search.

3) Information about historical building or sites:

Do you want to know more about a building? Or about Landmark? With Google Lens, just take a picture and be amazed!

So now wherever you go, you can learn more about that place and learn a lot.

4) Become a Botanist:

What kind of tree is that? What kind of flowers are there? Vegeta no longer needs to find its curiosity elsewhere: Google can identify the lens, Flora.

It also works on organisms, the next time you take your children to the zoo and they want to know more about lizards, ask the lens to work.

5) Use your phone as a scanner:

Google also scans bar codes and QR codes printed on lens products.

How does this Google lens work.

Google Lens is available in English, France, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. Google Lens can translate into all languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat Google Translator can support. To use it, first open the ‘Google Photos’ application on Android phone or tablet. After this, select any photo and take the camera in front of it. After this, the information of the content of the photo will automatically appear on the screen of the phone after some time.

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