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Many times it happens that we are searching for something on Google, then that thing does not come and gives some other Google results. Because of which a lot of our time is wasted. In such a situation, today we will tell you some tricks, which you can save your time by adopting. Actually, because of not knowing the right way to search on Google, this happens, if you know the right way to search on Google, then you will not take much time to search for anything.

This Way Search On Google

(1) If you are looking for a speech or a quote, then you normally type that line on Google. But if you put that line in the inverted comma, then you will get the results of all the speech and paragraphs where those lines are.

(2) If you do not remember the title of the song, then you will put any line of the song in the inverted comma and then search on Google, then you will get the result of that song immediately, it will not take you much time to search.

(3) Sometimes there are some words which have many meanings, such as Jaguar, is also an animal and also the name of the car, if you are looking for a Jaguar animal then you will give space after typing Jaguar, After giving space, you will write the minus sign and then the car, Google will show you the result of Jaguar Beast in addition to the Jaguar car in its result.

(4) If you want to find the page of a person’s social network, then you do not write the name directly but instead of putting a column plus, then you will write its name in bracket and then close the bracket and put ‘invert comma’. After doing this, Google will tell you about the person’s social media page.

(5) If you are looking for a specific file type or PDF, then you will go to Google, after that you type your PDF file, that is, your file is in PDF format, then type the PDF Diet Chart on Google and search You will see only the PDF file.

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