PUBG Mobile has received a new update, this update has been received as 0.14.5 for this popular game. Royale Pass Season 9 has also been added to the game in this new update. Apart from this, you are also now getting Warrior themed clothes in this update. Apart from this you are getting gear, in addition to this you are getting many more. However, along with this you will also get some new challenges, events, and rewards in this game. Apart from this, now users can also say that players of PUBG Mobile can also get the chance to go to PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Splits Global Final. However, its overall information has not been officially given yet.

PUBG Mobile Gets New Update See What is New?

Although the game has been updated, but you are going to get a lot of new things in it, we have discussed a lot above, but even this has not stopped. Let us tell you that in this PUBG Mobile update, you have also started getting “A Warrior’s Journey”. This is a game event where you get new rewards in the new Royal Pass.

I This Devise Available

Now this new 0.14.5 PUBG Mobile update is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In this new update you are getting a lot of new, new redesigned missions and ranking pages, plus you get a countdown timer, which leads you to the new season. Apart from this, you are also getting a new Royal Pass. You can also apply reminders in new missions. However, not only this, you can also see the achievement of chain progress system. Apart from this, you can also dismantle emotes now.

How It Work?

Significantly, Recently, PUBG Mobile’s Light Winner Pass was introduced. Winner Pass has been introduced by PUBG Mobile Lite. It can also be labeled a Royal Pass. Through which you are going to get the same experience as the original game. As in the Royal Pass, this is a new pass that has been introduced for the seasonal event. Through this, players can get the chance to earn maximum battle coins. Apart from this, they can get good rankings, although not only this, you also get the opportunity to play more interesting missions. There are many new challenges in these missions. The same major difference is likely to be seen in this pass and the Royal Pass, with the original Royal Pass finishing at rank WP 30, although it was earlier at RP 100.

In this new pass you are getting three different variations, it has a free pass, besides an elite pass, and an elite plus pass. Players can buy these by paying for their battle coins. If we talk in figures, a player has to give about 300 battle coins for an elite winner pass, besides 700-800 battle coins for an elite plus winner pass. If any player does not have a shortage of coins, etc., he can easily go and buy it, and take advantage of them.

If we talk about the free pass, then let us tell you that it provides you facilities up to the 15th level. However, you can use the other two till the 30th level. Using any Winner Pass gives gamers a chance to win some special items, such as a Prisoner’s Outfit, portable closet, skull, and flower plane finish, a rename card, pan skin, plus a smiley parachute, AKM Skin and You get a lot of other things, although it does not end on that much, with this you also get battle coins etc.

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