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WWE wrestling is a big name in the world. Many people still like the WWE game a lot. No company is even around WWE. Today we are going to tell you about the 5 richest WWE wrestlers in the world.

1. Dwayne the Rock Johnson – $ 220 Million

The first name in this list is Dwayne the Rock Johnson. The Rock is a big name in the world of wrestling. Apart from wrestling, The Rock has also earned a lot of name in Hollywood. The Rock grossed $ 220 million. Dwayne the Rock Johnson is included in the list of world’s richest actor.

2. John Cena – $ 55 Million

John Cena is a big name in the world of wrestling. John Cena remains second in the world’s richest wrestling list. John Cena currently owns $ 55 million in assets.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin – 45 Million

Stone Cold Steve Austin has now retired from Wrestling. Stone Cold Steve Austin is third in this list of rich wrestlers. His total earnings are 45 million dollars.

4. Hulk Hogan – $ 25 Million
Hulk Hogan is a big name in the world of wrestling. Hulk Hogan is fourth on this list with earnings of $ 25 million.

5. Triple H – $ 25 Million
Triple H is a big name in the world of wrestling, he has also appeared in many Hollywood films besides wrestling. Even Triple H is second to none in terms of earning. Triple H remains 5th in this list with a gross of $ 25 million.

How did you like this information, friends? Please tell us in the comments. Which of these wrestlers do you like the most? Please tell us in the comments. These are the 5 richest WWE Wrestlers in the world, number 1 is the world

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