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There is no doubt that you get all the information you need on the search engine Google. Now why should it not be about education, news or any particular subject. But do you know that Google keeps a complete record of whatever search is done on Google. Now maybe this way you get into some trouble. So today, before you search on Google in this way, we tell you what things we should avoid searching.

# Never avoid searching anything suspicious or suspicious on Google. Let us know that Google has a complete database of your search history. But by doing this type of search again and again, there is a risk of information leaking many times. Because cyber police often look at people who are searching for some suspects, and in such a situation you may have to go to jail.

# If you search such things then you may face difficulties. If you search any medicine or drugs related things on Google, then the search data is transferred to the third party. After which you are constantly shown advertisements related to that disease and its treatment.

# Remember, never forget any information related to insecurity on Google. If you do this, then you start getting related advertisements, so that you can know that someone is following you on the Internet.

# Never search your personal email on Google. By doing this, the account can be hacked and your password is also at risk of being leaked.

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