Novak Djokovic reveals what he would have done without tennis

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, a professional player reveals the story of “What he would have been if he wasn’t a professional tennis player”…? 31-year-old Novak lived in Serbian mountains so as a kid and he said – “I would probably be skiing right now somewhere” but when he came to the sports field he found the tennis as a game to be a professional player.

According to Novak In life everything happens for some reason and tennis was really meant to be for him. “However, tennis is the most special part of his destiny- he fell in love with this game and it was really a kind of sign of his destiny for him to take or to hold a racquet for lifetime.

Novak Djokovic has never inherit any kind of tradition. Before him no one had played tennis game in his whole family, not even a single person. He fell in love with sports and especially this game so early and he dedicated himself in the game with all his heart and strength. Now he is like that’s what he wanted to do in his life and he really meant it.

What life advice he would give to kids..? Is the question is asked by a reporter the said- most crucial one should love what they do and always make yourself remind that whatever you have decided to do in life, in this situation, tennis, you should go back to the pure emotions of why you have started playing tennis in the most difficult time of your life, that was the time when can make your strength you sword.

Sword Always make sure that you are keeping a smile on your face, and if you really want to achieve yourself professionally the of course there is a long road which is waiting you to go ahead, lots of challenging moments in life. But the most important things is to believe in yourself and your strength which has a power to do everything and keep reminding yourself for the passion and dedication towards the particular aim which you hardly want to achieve in your life.

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