Rafael Nadal reveals what his next tournaments will be

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal commented on the next plan for which he is thinking about at a press conference at Australia Australian Open after his straight loss to Novak Djokovic. Spaniard will be again in competing at next Mexican open in Acapulco which will be held in next month starts on 25th of February.

According to Nadal’s statement in the conference he said that “he needs matches but he can’t only go for matches though he also has another life apart from matches. He has his age, has his calendar, his priorities goes back to home and have rest. He played tennis for a couple of week and now it’s time to go back, to maintain a good physique and keep working on the things that worked very well here”.

Day by day he is working and giving time to the things which he need more in life. That’s the defensive positions, the mobility, and the recovery from positions that are quite difficult to come back. It is something he is naturally good at but it requires more and more practice and need to be able to do it at the highest level till the last stage.

After this his Rafael Nadal’s next step is Acapulco and that’s his goal. He had some success at this place that’s why he is very excited and happy to be there in Acapulco. He has Acapulco, he have Indian Wells, and for him that is the calendar today. These are the only thing for which he is sure that he is not gonna play something before these two events.

That’s his today’s calendar, then let’s see, his next plan depends on how things go, and he keep going or will take rest to plan on clay. He is aware about the truth that the season is long. Being happy and healthy is first priority of Nadal even more than winning title and tags.

Nadal’s always believe on the things that give him a better chance to stay healthy more than anything. His opinion is that if he is healthy, competitive, happy then he has more chances to win the matches and tournaments. If not, things change 100%.”

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