Roger Federer Reveals why he will Stop Playing Tennis

Roger Federer

Tennis superstar, Roger Federer, claims that the high level of competition in the world of tennis is motivating him to continue playing on the tour. Federer revealed that he wants to advance as far as possible in all the major tournaments of Tennis.

Giving an interview to Tribune de Geneve, the Swiss superstar said, “I am playing and winning. Just playing, is not enough for my pleasure”.

Roger Federer

Furthermore, Federer revealed that he cares whenever he loses early in a tournament. He said that just becoming a part of the tournament is not enough for him, as he wants to taste the joy of success by winning it. Moreover, the 37-year-old confessed that he should respect himself and perform only at a particular level.

Federer explained, “If I do not achieve it in every match or every week, it doesn’t matter. But it needs to happen several times a year. It’s too easy: what motivates me, in practice or match, it’s knowing that I can still beat the best guys.”

When the question arose that if the veteran player could not be able to do so, will he retire? To which Federer answered, “It’s a possibility, yes. It can also come from a too frequent pain, which does not allow you to give your best. Or repeated travels. But there is a priority: my family. If for my children or wife is not suitable anymore, then it will be a reason to retire.”


Roger Federer

The 37-year-old also had an answer to when he thought would be the right time to retire from the game. He revealed that when he is at home, he does not think of any tennis tournament and keeps his mind fresh.

The Swiss superstar often asks for answers from himself, as to where he would be ten years in the future and what will happen following his retirement. However, only God knows whats in store for him in the future after the veteran retires from the game.

Nevertheless, he is completely aware that at a certain stage, he would have to quit the game he loves so much.

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